Answer: (b) men generate one or two different types of gametes

Answer: (b) men generate one or two different types of gametes

Question 53. XO version of intercourse devotion and you can XY variety of gender dedication are the samples of (a) men heterogamety (b) females heterogamety (c) male homogamety (d) one another (b) and you can (c) Answer: (a) male heterogamety

Distance within genes and you may portion of recontbfnatidnshows (a) a direct relationships (b) a keen inverse matchmaking (c) a simultaneous relationship (d) zero matchmaking

Concern 55. Inside XO sorts of sex devotion (a) ladies write two different varieties of gametes (b) males build a couple different varieties of gametes (c) ladies develop gametes that have Y-chromosome (d) people generate gametes having Y chromosome.

Matter 56. If the both parents is carriers to have thalassaemia, that’s an autosomal recessive disorder, exactly what are the possibility of maternity leading to an affected son ? (a) twenty-five % (b) one hundred % (c) Not a chance (d) fifty % Answer: (a) twenty five %

Question 57. Find the situation that is caused by recessive autosomal genetics whenever present in homozygous criteria. (a) Alkaptonuria (b) Albinism (c) Cystic fibrosis (d) All these Address: (d) A few of these

Matter 58. Hence of your pursuing the attribute try controlled by prominent autosomal genetics ? (a) Polydactyly (b) Huntington’s chorea (c) PTC (phenylthiocarbamide) tasting (d) Most of these Address: (d) Many of these

Concern 59. Failure from segregation away from chromatids while in the mobile section results in the newest gain otherwise loss of chromosomes, it is called as (a) euploidy (b) monoploidy (c) aneuploidy (d) polyploidy Respond to: (c) aneuploidy

Question sixty. Trisomy is actually portrayed by the (a) (2n – 1) (b) (2n – 2) (c) (2n + 2) (d) (2n + 1) Answer: (d) (2n + 1)

Matter 61. Mongolism try a hereditary disease which is for the reason that the latest visibility off an additional chromosome amount (a) 20 (b) 21 (c) 17 (d) 23 Answer: (b) 21

Matter 62. Klinefelter’s syndrome is characterised because of the a beneficial karyotype regarding (a) XYY (b) XO (c) Sex (d) XXY Address: (d) XXY

Concern 63. It problem happens due to monosomy (2n – 1); anyone enjoys 2n = 45 chromosomes with 44 + XO genotype. (a) Edward’s disorder (b) Down’s disorder (c) Turner’s syndrome (d) Klinefelter’s disorder Answer: (c) Turner’s syndrome

Grasshopper are an example of XO variety of gender dedication in the that guys enjoys (a) one to X-chromosome (b) you to definitely Y chromosome (c) two X chromosomes (d) no X-chromosome Respond to: (a) one to X chromosome

Concern 64. People which have Turner’s problem has (a) brief womb (b) standard ovaries (c) underdeveloped bust (d) each one of these. Answer: (d) a few of these.

Question 65. All the family genes found on the same chromosome (a) means some other groups dependant on their cousin range (b) form you to linkage group (c) doesn’t of any linkage teams (d) mode interactive teams that affect new phenotype. Answer: (b) mode you to definitely linkage class

Question 66. Criteria off a karyotype 2n±l and 2n + 2 are known as (a) aneuploidy (b) polyploidy (c) allopolyploidy (d) monosomy. Answer: (a) aneuploidy

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Question sixteen. The new emails which can be found in the original filial generation are called (a) recessive emails (b) prominent characters (c) holandric letters (d) dangerous letters Answer: (b) dominant characters

Question 34. So what can be the blood selection of kids when both parents enjoys Abdominal blood class ? (a) Abdominal simply (b) Good, B and Ab (c) Good, B, Ab and you can O (d) An effective and you will B just Address: (b) A, B and you may Ab

Matter 52. Hence of the after the was aspects of Mendel’s achievement ? (i) Accessibility pure lines or sheer reproduction kinds (ii) Believe of one character at a time (iii) Restoration out of analytical suggestions from experiments (iv) Experience with linkage and you will incomplete popularity (a) (i) and (ii) merely (b) (i), (ii) and you can (iii) (c) (i) and you may (iv) merely (d) (ii), (iii) and you can (iv) Answer: (b) (i), (ii) and you will (iii)