Secret Of Starry Eden Arch [ ]

Secret Of Starry Eden Arch [ ]

Natsu saw in the amazement as the Erza asked her case becoming stop shortly after are poisoned. He went to get a hold of Wendy, the only one who you certainly will repair the lady. He did their better to access Wendy as quickly as he you’ll. He had been crazy once discovering you to definitely Jellal was still alive, but managed his rage because the healing Erza is actually the fresh top priority. The guy left curious on the Erza and you may felt like he doesn’t help Jellal meet up with this lady.

When Natsu and someone else were unconscious shortly after are attacked because of the zero, Erza encouraged your, proving faith when you look at the Natsu.While you are assaulting up against No, Natsu even struck Jellal, who was simply trying assist your, it is because he produced Erza shout. Erza exhibited enormous believe in Natsu. In the event the Magic Council found capture Jellal, Natsu made an effort to stop her or him because Erza is thus sad you to she visibly battled to keep by herself out-of jumping in to stop her or him herself.

Edolas Arc [ ]

Natsu would not believe that Edolas’ Erza try the adversary. He informed folk you to definitely Environment Land’s Erza is an excellent individual. Natsu is actually shocked whenever Edolas’ Erza claimed to have outdone the girl Planet Land’s counterpart,  not, it had been later revealed that it actually was Erza by herself, dressed up just like the Knightwalker. The two of them, plus Grey, cheated the latest King and you will tried to conserve Extalia.

Tenrou Island Arch [ ]

At the beginning of the test, Natsu need Erza because the their opponent. Natsu is actually concerned about Erza during the girl fight against Azuma. Natsu try the original individual whoever sound try heard because of the Erza when she are trapped on the magic power regarding Tenroujima. Natsu and you will Erza, including Gray and you may Lucy, conducted Hades. Each of them attacked him together. Whenever Natsu entered the newest Thunder-Flame Dragon setting, Erza try surprised by his power. If the chance was indeed facing him or her, Natsu’s terms and conditions greatly encouraged anyone. Erza realized that they have to keep assaulting. Regardless of if she was out-of secret energy, Erza stood to struggle. And, whenever Erza dressed up while the a nurse so you can restore everyone, Natsu was seen in brand new long waiting line of men, looking forward to his treatment.

Whenever Natsu while the anybody else grabbed a career and this requisite this new experience with absolutely nothing moving, Erza pressed your to help you dance together.

Grand Wonders Game Arch [ ]

Natsu recommended Erza in Pandemonium skills, convinced that she’ll definitely winnings and try astonished by her enjoy. He was keen about event, and you can fascinated with Erza’s strength. Pursuing the experiences is finished, the guy ran so you can Erza and you may requested this lady having a fight with him. Natsu are furious at Sabertooth after the Naval Battle, and involved so you’re able to assault her or him, but are dropped by Erza. Together with, Erza is actually amazed of the Natsu during their and you may Gajeel’s struggle with Pain and you may Rogue. After they have been honestly assaulted of the Sting, Erza recommended him or her because of the stating that the fresh new Guild’s thoughts are that, plus they must winnings the fight.

Natsu continuously attempts to establish their fuel to other people. During the some items in time, they have challenged Erza, Laxus, Mirajane, and even Gildarts (simply speaking, each of Fairy Tail’s newest S-Classification” alt=”top lesbian hookup apps”> Mages), to combat your, albeit, he was beaten every go out. Even after his losses, Natsu contains her or him no ill usually, when he takes into account everyone in the guild are his household members. He shows which emotions also for the previous foes. Natsu possess even gone as much as protecting Laxus off are expelled, even with his sample from the taking on this new guild. Due to his reckless characteristics, Natsu’s matches constantly comes to an end which have common depletion. Natsu’s passion for fighting has actually greeting your to grow a tremendously strategic notice, helping your in order to, towards the certain era, discover faults within his opponent’s techniques, or maybe just faults his opponents themselves possess. Natsu also offers defeated his competitors that have natural humor, in the place of brute power. Natsu, appropriate for their recklessness and you will love of attacking, never ever backs away from a fight.

It actually was shown you to Erza are unable to keep the girl alcohol. If you find yourself intoxicated, she acts extremely aggressive towards other people, just like the found by their choices into the woman guildmates. She along with appears to have difficulty recognizing some one when drunk.

Erza’s Records [ ]

Because many years enacted, Erza turned a little more about rigid up to she will be titled the new guild’s disciplinarian. She got responsibility to have separating battles between Grey and you may Natsu. At the same time, however, she try determined so you’re able to always challenge and you may bicker with participant Mirajane, and therefore fundamentally concluded after Mirajane greatly mellowed in the new wake of the woman younger aunt Lisanna’s obvious demise in X782. In the year X780, Erza enacted Fairy Tail’s annually stored S-Classification Mage Campaign Trial, are the brand new youngest person in the fresh new guild to do this on 15 years old.

When they came back back again to the Guild, Erza and you will Natsu decided to possess a battle. But the battle are named out of from the anybody about Council. Erza is actually caught and are displayed for a go. Straight back during the Guild, Natsu fooled group and you will barged into the council, trying to help save Erza. He outfitted since Erza by herself and you will tried to secret the brand new council people from the proclaiming that he’s the true Erza, but they both finished up in the prison rather. Even when Erza try crazy in the beginning, she featured delighted afterwards, given that Natsu ran all of that far simply for the lady purpose.