In using the tie-breaker standards, the Department will use the absolute most recent data available

In using the tie-breaker standards, the Department will use the absolute most recent data available

In doing so, we should consider any information on you that will be in stability and gratification program (at this time called the Federal Awardee overall performance and ethics Facts program (FAPIIS)), obtainable through program for Award control

Note: Within every one of the first step, two, and three associated with the tie-breaker, when there is several application with the same rating and insufficient financial support to guide these programs, the candidate proposing to provide the goal education within additional impoverished Congressional section would be the last program determined and recommended to get a prize.

The conditions make reference to Congressional areas, and research youngster poverty data within Congressional Districts. The newest offered youngsters Poverty information through the US Census for Congressional Districts is actually for the 117th Congress, and meer dan 50 dating sites so, the geographical borders employed for the tie-breaker include defined for the 115th Congress. The sheer number of target education offered inside the limitations of a Congressional section, additionally the few youngsters offered within these target schools, can be based on the UB Annual show Report ( APR to count the amount of target schools that receive service within Congressional region borders.

Be sure to evaluate the needs in 2 CFR part 200, Appendix XII, if this grant plus all the other government funds you receive surpass $10,000,000

3. issues evaluation and particular ailments: in keeping with 2 CFR , before awarding funds under this opposition the division performs a review of the potential risks posed by applicants. Under 2 CFR , the assistant may enforce specific ailments and, under 2 CFR , in proper circumstances, risky circumstances on a give if the applicant or grantee is not economically secure; enjoys a history of unsatisfactory performance; have a financial or other management program that does not meet the criteria in 2 CFR role 200, subpart D; hasn’t satisfied the circumstances of a prior offer; or perhaps is otherwise maybe not accountable.

4. Integrity and gratification System: If you are picked under this competitors to receive a prize that over this course on the venture course may surpass the simplified acquisition threshold (presently $250,000), under 2 CFR (a)(2), we ought to render a judgment concerning your stability, company ethics, and record of efficiency under government awards-that is, the chance posed by you as an applicant-before we render a prize. Chances are you’ll examine and comment on any details about your self that a Federal service formerly inserted and that’s at this time in FAPIIS.

Take note that, if the full value of the at this time active grants, cooperative agreements, and procurement agreements from government surpasses $10,000,000, the revealing criteria in 2 CFR part 200, Appendix XII, require that you report specific ethics records to FAPIIS semiannually.